"As the President of The World Puja Network, and in life in general, I have been blessed to meet some of the finest healers in the world. When you meet the best you don’t think of the next best, until you meet Mary Velez.
Mary’s abilities defy the odds at every turn, and with every illness or malady known to both humankind and those of the animal kingdom. I’ve watched this modern day “Mary” perform the miracles that have been written about in the gospels.  It makes one wonder who she really is."
Maureen Moss
Globally Renowned Author, Keynote Speaker, President of The World Puja Network.


Mary-Velez-HealerI am like each of you, a divine being who has chosen to embody into physical form to enjoy the reality and experience of being on planet earth. Like you, I enjoy the touches, tastes, smells and sounds of the physical plane. Like you, I came here not on a mission to save anyone or fix anything. Nothing is broken; the world as we see it is a result of mass consciousness. We are here simply to follow our own unique and individual dreams resident within our hearts.   We have come to earth to enjoy creating from feeling and expressing the desires flowing from our heart space.  

I know all is well and anything other than that well-being is the reality resulting from misperceptions, both individual as well as that of mass consciousness. The most profound misperception is that we are separate from God and each other. We are unified and connected, birthed from the One Source; yet we are unique in our individual being. A paradox, a hologram, a drop of water in the ocean; separate yet one within the all. Humanity is waking up and realizing that “home” is in the heart and in the light and love of God/Source. We need not ascend anywhere but deep within our hearts to live heaven on earth. 

I am blessed that as I consciously choose to allow my spirit Self, the extension of the God I AM, to fully express itself in my human body, the joy, abundance, health, peace harmony, and frankly every good and wonderful thing, fills each of my days. Miracles are not unusual; they are everyday magic when the energy of love is flowing freely. 

My work is simple. I stand in love, fully in the heart space, no thoughts in my mind and Holy Spirit flows with ease, clearing and healing. No fluff, no complex formulas; just Love. This is the Living Love of all creation. Miracles can and do happen for those who open their hearts and minds to the excitement and certainty of returning to wholeness. Be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationships, whatever is out of balance, can be restored. When this Living Love energy (God) that created the universes is called forth with a nonresistant and open heart; there is nothing that It cannot do.

We’re all able to heal ourselves and each other, but sometimes a little jolt is in order and that’s where a miracle comes in handy as an attention getter. My heart’s dream isn’t to be a healer or miracle worker, but rather an instrument that guides others back onto the path of remembering their perfection and Oneness with God. I just love it when a life awakens and transforms! I love it when a person finally engages their own divinity and begins creating their own miracles in the form of dreams coming true. The greatest service any one of us can do for each other and the planet as a whole, is to live our dream in joy, allowing others to do what they do without judgment, and exude unconditional love in all we do, say, and feel. This is God consciousness and it will transform this world, one heart at a time. 

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Music by Frederic Delarue
The angel artwork is done by Cindy Deluz