Praise and Results for Rev. Mary Velez


 Mary Velez is one of the purest vehicles for transformation and healing I have ever met.
The God that she is radiates through every pore of her being. When she moves, one can
see a trail of Light moving with her. When she touches you, you can feel the hands of
The Divine. When she talks with you, it is as though you are being spoken to by God

Something happens when Mary is in your presence. You are transformed. For me, that
is a true healer.

Maureen Moss World Puja
Maureen Moss, Award winning author and keynote speaker.
Steward of The World Puja Network


From Those Who Know Mary’s Gifts………………

“Being deeply enmeshed in the healing world for more than 30 years, and as the President of The World Puja Network,
I am compelled to honor one of the most brilliant, pure, integral, conscious healers I have ever met, Mary Velez.

I have been blessed to have experienced Mary’s work numerous times, not only on myself, but others. And,
in the categories of others, she includes “angels in fur.” Twice she has brought my “angel in fur” back from the brink
of death. Watching this happen went beyond the miraculous, it went from Mary to God, and God back to Mary.

That’s how she works, pure, clean, profound. I also know she has cured many of cancer and numerous other diseases in
ways that would make John of God take a second look. Remember that movie “There’s Something About Mary?”
Well, there is, and it’s something everyone ought to have the experience of.”

Maureen Moss
President of the World Puja Network
4 time award winning author

Dear Mary, I have to tell you, I'm still feeling the power of last night's session. I'm still searching for the words to describe the experience. It has left me almost speechless.  I want to let you know I had a mammogram today and my doctors office called to tell me they didn't see anything unusual. I have an ultra sound scheduled for Monday as a follow-up, but I suspect the results will be the same! I'm feeling such a sense of peace and love. You are a powerful soul, Mary. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

With much love and gratitude J.M, Ashland, Oregon

Tara testimonial

Mary Velez is an incredibly talented healer. Her work has been transformational for me, a miracle really. I have always been a healthy woman.  I have my usual aches and pains and run-of-the-mill colds but otherwise, a healthy constitution.  It wasn't until I got Lyme disease in 2010 that I really understood what it means to be  

I also got the blessings of a connection to a really powerful energy healer named Mary Velez. Mary's remote healing treatments were incredibly powerful, filling the room with beings radiating love and total acceptance.  The emotional, baggage I had met melted away as I could feel total acceptance by all the master beings Mary brought forward to work with.  Mary gave me the gift of several sessions before my first chemotherapy, and after each one, I felt different.  It wasn't just a physical shift that I felt occur in my body, it was a shift in my feelings and emotions.  For instance, I realized I was no longer blaming myself for doing something wrong.  I let that go as my heart told me it wasn't true.  I was however still angry, confused and afraid.  I still wanted my full health returned and wanted to skip this entire disease. 

Each of Mary sessions suspended my negative feelings, the self-doubt, the anger, the guilt and the blame.  For a period of time from before her treatments to hours and hours later, I felt loved by God and protected in this journey.  When the negative feelings came back, they were less powerful each time.  Mary reminded me about the paradigm of seeing myself as completely able to heal, as part of an ongoing miracle, and to hold on to that thought as I was bathed in the love of the universe.  Mary also had me download some healing music from her website that was truly amazing.  It was by Frederic LeRue and was specifically designed to help heal cancer. 

I had two sessions with Mary when I got all my test results back.  They were all negative!  There was no cancer anywhere else in my body. 

It was later that I discovered the amazing physical miracle.  The tumor under my arm had shrunk significantly.  It was smaller and softer.  I knew when my oncologist, examined it he would notice the difference too.Each day that has followed I feel better than the one before.  Truth be told, I feel better than I have felt in years.  I feel better than I had before about Lyme disease.  I feel clear, strong, my mind calm and healthy.   

I know now, I can go through with all the chemotherapy sessions, no matter how I feel afterwards.  I know now that my cancer will be cured and I am already vibrating with health.  I also know- with stark clarity- that all the moments of my life have led to this.  It is not about blame, guilt, denial, anger or anything.  It is about clearly seeing the outcome I want. It is about releasing everything in the way, getting support and healing to move me through this process, and standing in acceptance with faith and the knowledge that my healing is unfolding right now. God bless Bless you Mary for being a powerful transformational healer. 

Tara Roth Intuitive Coach and Teacher 



“I must tell you - the other night after we talked on the phone, that night during sleep, something.......someone...... probably an angel visiting......  but I woke with the warmest feeling of being loved and held.   already, the seeds are being sown.     

I am most grateful, to you, and to the Lord of the Universe and all good participants.” Allyn, B., Arkansas 


(Follicular Cancer, no medical treatment yet, just one healing session) 

We have also noticed that the two bumps on my 

head have begun to shrink. 

This sounds and feels like God's work to me...' 

Will be in contact with you as soon as things calm down a bit. 

LIGHT & Blessings........................ 

Bart S., Toledo, Ohio


Oh yes! We are noticing big shifts with him....
He is not flipping out about the color of his spoon anymore, he is just going with the flow. He is more independent suddenly. On Wednesday he asked to walk more out of his stroller then her ever has before and was very easy going when it was time to get back in to cross the street. Which would of been a full on melt down before. He is just clearer all around, I can see HIM when I look into his eyes. he is more receptive to massage, before he would get very agitated if I tried to massage his body. He only wanted his feet stroked and or his hair stroked before. He is has been receiving body massage at bed time very contently multiple time this week.

To top it all off he decided to start using his potty chair yesterday. We tried to do potty training a couple of weeks ago and it led to a full blown tantrum when asked to sit on potty. Now, its his idea and actually made it into the potty three times yesterday! His appetite seems to increased as well. He was living off of hummus and avocado before last week....

Yes, he is still two in alot of ways.Over all he is so much more settled and content!

Thank you for your support and love. I got a couple more for ya! SH, Berkely, CA



On Sunday, June 12, 2011 Paula began having what was thought to be a severe migraine headache. AT 47 years old what else would it be? By Thursday, June 16, Paula had been suffering as the headache became increasingly severe and symptoms of vomiting and vertigo appeared. Paula made it to her Mother’s house and Madge took her to the hospital.  

After a few hours in the emergency room of Kaiser, the doctor was ready to release her when Madge, a registered nurse, insisted there was something seriously wrong and demanded further testing and a cat scan. The doctor complied and found that Paula had a major cerebral stroke at least 30 hours prior to seeking medical attention. Paula was admitted into the hospital and monitored for the next few days. A series of CAT scans were done daily.

On Saturday, June 18, I was sitting with Paula throughout the day. At about 4:00 p.m. I had an overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. I insisted to the nurse that the doctor on call examine Paula and ease my concerns. The nurse replied that Paula’s condition had not changed. I again insisted a doctor be called to examine Paula. After two hours of my insistence, a doctor was called and found Paula to be a little lethargic and ordered a cat scan to be ordered STAT. Paula was taken to the x-ray area and when returned appeared to be non responsive. The cat scan showed Paula’s brain was swelling and had herniated at the base of the skull. Fluid had also developed in a short period of time. The last cat scan completed at 11:00 am was clear. Thank God for pushing me to realize there was cause for alarm.

What made me so insistent that something was wrong? The power of prayer is not for me to question but to give thanks to God.  

A neurosurgeon was called and examined Paula and the test results. He was surprised at the drastic change from the test performed earlier to the one he was reading. He informed Madge that Paula had very little chance if any of surviving the new developments from the stroke.. A decision had to be made. The doctor stated he could make her comfortable or perform a high risk surgery with a one to ten percent chance of recovery if she were to survive the risky surgery. The hernia had to removed from the base of the skull and the fluid had to be drained as quickly as possible. Paula was now in a coma and a breathing tube would be inserted. The doctor said there was a ninety nine percent chance she would never be breathing on her own again once a tube was inserted.  

Paula’s mother decided to move forward with the surgery. The doctor instructed Madge to call the family together as quickly as possible.  

My Sister in Spirit, Janice, quickly arrives at the hospital with food and such in hand for everyone now gathered. She immediately said we have to call Mary. Now, why did I  

not think of Mary sooner? The prayers and healing offered a comforting surrounding as it was immediately felt. The surgeon commented he knew he had God sitting on his shoulder as he could feel it. We reminded him there were many Angels as well. By midnight the surgery began and the loving energy could be felt by all. At 3:00 am the doctor came to us saying the surgery turned out better than expected and now we wait.  

Mary was sending her healing energy and prayers and the power was amazing! You have to experience that kind of love and peace to understand the power. Thank God for Mary.  

The days that followed were tedious but promising. Mary was always close by and in constant contact. Mary’s words and healing energy was felt by all. Mary kept watch over Paula in the days that followed and on June 28 the tubes were removed and Paula was breathing on her own.  

Progress has been rapid. There was concern that Paula’s eyesight was damaged. Mary said she did not feel that was the case and she was sending healing energy daily. Mary was right again. By July 01, 2011 Paula was using her computer and making calls from her cell phone. Her memory is intact. There is some weakness on her left side. On July 07, 2011, Paula was transferred out of the hospital into an occupational rehabilitation hospital. Mary knew the developments before I had time to tell her.  

Mary, Your gift of healing and teaching of prayer and spirit is amazing. We could not have made it to where we are today without you. I am grateful to God for sending you into my life. Your constant attention to Paula and the family is why we are here today. How uplifting it is to experience such a miracle! This is not the end of Paula’s story but only the beginning.  

Thank you Mary for being you.  

Kathy Erken 


Ali’s Testimonial 

My daughter Alicia who is 4 years old woke up on Friday saying that she didn't feel good.  My husband put her on the couch  with tv and juice and said he would be right outside if she needed anything.  he went in awhile later and she had put herself  back to bed.  She slept all day.  We went to my in-laws cabin for the weekend.  Alicia still was sleepy and or sleeping, not eating and now she had a pain in her left eye.  She would just scream unless we had cold on it..  She had a few bites on Saturday which she then threw up.  On Sunday we took her into ER and they could find nothing.  We took her to another doctor on Monday and still nothing.  She was still sleeping her life away with a few sips of liquid and some crackers.  On Tuesday, my mom contacted Mary  and that night when I got home from work I called Mary myself.  Mary had me connect to Alicia and she sent the team to work!  It was like  I was going through Alicia's veins and fighting off black scary looking things.  I called the angels in to help and everything turned bright white as they and Mary took over.  On Wednesday we had an eye doctor's appointment as the doctor on Monday could not find anything but was concerned about the pain.  Mary called that morning to inquire about Alicia and  my mom told her about the pain in her eye.  Mary went right to work with her team and after that Alicia did not have anymore pain, nor did she sleep!  She was our happy little girl again running and playing like she had never been ill.  The eye doctor didn't find anything but a little redness and inflammation that was gone that night.  In talking to Mary, she knew exactly when the pain in Alicia's eye lifted,  5-10 minutes after talking to my mom!  My mom met Mary in Oct. of 2010 and then my mom had her do a seminar in Wisconsin at our house.  Much fun and healing that day!!! We all feel that there is no such things as coincidences.  Mary helped my daughter Alicia through what happened to be a very heavy download for what is to come with her and her future as a child of the new world that is starting already.  Love and blessings to Mary and her Team who gave us our daughter back ,healthy and able to handle what is to come. Tuesday Nelson. 

Leela workshop testimonial 


“So wonderful to be in the presence yesterday of such beautiful loving energies that you  brought forth.  I was moved to tears several times because I remember this is how it used to be when we could come together as groups and understand what the image of the Power of God looks like in action and I was moved to tears because my memory is returning and the fierce love of God within me is ignited.  My heart has hungered for the type of gathering we had yesterday and I have not been able to find the purity and simplicity in gathering without EGO getting in the way and running the show.  No wonder so many of us haven't wanted to get out of the bliss bubble as it hurts so much to see purity corrupted by EGO.”  LH, Mill Valley, CA



“In December, my mom starting experiencing seizures. She consulted many doctors and had countless tests run, but still to this day no one can give her a medical reason for why she was having these seizures. I think she had these seizures for another reason; I think someone is looking out for her.(YES, THOSE ANGELS!)If my mom never suffered from an episode of seizures, the doctors never would have discovered her spinal tumor. After thoroughly examining a brain MRI taken to investigate her seizures, a doctor found something odd at the bottom of the picture. He then ordered an MRI on her cervical spinal cord. This is when they found the tumor that was consuming her entire spinal column from vertebra C2 through C6 (that’s huge!). The doctors say the tumor has no correlation to her seizures (that stopped happening after the discovery of her tumor), but if they hadn’t found it, the tumor would have paralyzed her within a short period of time.”

Carol had come to one of my healing workshops a few days after the discovery of the tumor and prior to her surgery. She arrived with a faith that divine healing was possible.  During the group healing at the end of the day, my husband saw two angels accompany me when I laid hands on Carol.  I received an email from her a few days later saying she had been sleeping without pain for the first time in a long time.  Consequently, Carol came for a private session last week leading up to her surgery.  She had cancer prior to this tumor episode and conventional logic would lead one to fear the worst.  Yet Carol again came with a fabulous attitude of “claiming the YES” to her healing. During her session, she said it began quietly and then the lights became radiant, she saw a male angelic presence and her arm which had been affected by the tumor, raised up in the air by itself. And here is the journal entry following her surgery:

·   ” Wednesday, April 13, 2011 2:54 PM, PDTAs many of you may already know, my mom underwent an invasive surgery yesterday at UCSF to remove a tumor from her spinal cord.  The tumor was located in her neck and the doctors believe, judging by its large size, it has been growing for 2 to 3 years.  The surgery took about 5 hours and upon completion the doctors were able to successfully remove the entire tumor. Also, based on preliminary results, the tumor is believed to be benign.” 
Carol is already out of ICU, has stood up, and is looking forward to her precious life. She will shine her light on those who have forgotten the amazing love God and our spirit family has for us.  They are always here to support, heal and love; we must ask for it.  Because of  free will, the angels won’t interfere with our choices.  If you choose healing, joy, abundance, whatever; ask and be willing to allow the receiving.

Gabrielle 2nd testimony  

  I was told I had Cervical Cancer and Lymph Cancer.  

 With much God given help from our Precious Mary, I have been able to truly see myself, my Miserable existance, how my Anger and Hate had caught hold inside my body, I am Blessed enough to be able to have clean self awareness, I also was given  m Strength within to go forward, to embrace this Pain, which now was Cancer that I had allowed to form.  

 Many times I have doubted that I too could make it through something of this Weight, I many times have not felt important enough to be Saved, a Bitter Sweet feeling of thankfulness many times tryed to take hold of my mind, through all of these thoughts I have been carried, I have needed so much Forgiveness with Forgetfulness, I have come Face to Face with my greatest Enemy...My Anger.   

The Christ Child has carried me all the way through this Soul Awakening, he has freed me of all Chains that have bound me from Happiness, he has carried me through the Doctors doors.   

God helps those who help them selves...I am now Free from this Anger, this Cancer, I am now Cancer Free! 

Believe there is Salvation of the Body and Soul, Feel his Selfless Love, allow Yourself to remember how he has Suffered,So that we can be free,  Never forget there is Help for the weary, believe that the truth of Health lies within Yourself. 

I now know why this has been placed on me, I am Healing with so very much thankfulness for all I have been through. 

We are so very Blessed to have Our Mary, trust in God that she will Guide You towards the Light and Health. 

 I am so very Thankful for You Mary My Love~   


Dear Mary,

I just wanted to share with others the blessings of 3 miracles bestowed upon me these past 8 months. In February 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian cancer .

Around the time of my diagnosis I was introduced to Pastor Mary . I started going for regular healing's where I was taught about bringing in the love and light

of Jesus. Each healing was an incredible experience in itself and I found a peace and feeling that comforted me that I would be healed.

In March I had a 5 hr surgery where they found a 10 cm tumor which was removed along with my female organs, appendix and part of my bowel. A few weeks after coming home from the hospital my left lung began to collapse due to fluid build up. 4 liters or more of fluid was pressing on my lung. I had a series of procedures to tap my lungs. The fluid tests showed cancerous cells and with each tap there was less fluid to drain but still there was always at least a liter. In addition to the fluid my blood tests were showing very high for a tumor marker. My counts were at 6800 which wasn't good news considering the tumor and ovaries were already taken out. After only 2 rounds of chemo therapy, my counts dropped to 30 which is totally normal. This was the first miracle. It surprised my Dr. that in such a short time my counts could drop so quickly.

After 3 lung taps I didn't feel the need to have anymore procedures. I was functioning without getting out of breath. After 8 rounds of chemo I went for another CAT scan. Everything looked good except there was still about 10 oz or more of fluid on my lung that hadn't dried up. 2 weeks after the CAT scan I went in for another lung tap. The first thing the Dr. did was sonogram the lung to see where the fluid was. He was shocked because he could hardly see any fluid and wanted to cancel the procedure. His words were "miracles can happen and this is one of them". I still asked him if he could try to get a sample out so we could test it for cancerous cells. He aspirated only about 2oz. A few days later the test results came back negative for cancer cells. Miracle #3 had just taken place.

I am in a place of being blessed with knowing I am healed and continue to work on staying in a place of restored health and love and light.

Thank you Mary for teaching me these gifts that our precious Lord has to offer and helping with my healing.


Blessings to you always,

Terri Boardman



Ben’s Miracle

About three months ago a young gal who had attended a couple of my workshops, got a hold of me and asked if I could help her father Ben.  He was scheduled in a couple of days at UC Davis to have his tongue, voice box and part of his esophagus surgically removed due to a very aggressive cancer.  There were no more options of radiation or chemo and no guarantee of much life extension even with the surgery.  After speaking with Ben and his wife Brenda, it was agreed that the surgery wasn’t worth the degradation in quality of life.  They chose to come to me for spiritual healing and combined that with holistic nutrition focused on an alkaline diet, thus starving the cancer cells of the sugar and acid they thrive on.  After diligent adherence to the diet and several in person and remote healing sessions with myself and in conjunction with my “team” of heavenly helpers, combined with the ever present faith and belief of Brenda, the ongoing prayers of his children and friends, followed with  the quiet, reserved agreement of Ben, the miracle of “cancer free” was achieved to the delight of so many following this story.  Now this is where the story gets interesting!  On the very same day that Ben received his miraculous diagnosis, it seemed as if his mind/ego couldn’t handle the news!  He almost immediately went into a state of not being able to breathe.  I received a text from Brenda saying he was in the ER with COPD or maybe a blood clot.  I told her to continue celebrating his miracle and this was not acceptable after all we had all been through.  This would not be the will of God. By the next morning, Ben was on life support and there was talk of him not being able to remember how to breathe on his own again.  That morning I went up the mountain to call in the Spirit team to work on Ben.  I so strongly felt the healing energy and received the message that Ben would pull through just fine.  Within hours I received another text from Brenda saying that his lungs seemed to be clear but that they saw a thick substance in his throat when putting in the ventilator tube.  I told her the angel’s message was that he was OK.  She said she felt the same energy about the same time I was working on him.  The next text said that upon examination of his throat, there was nothing to be found except bruising where the tube had been placed.  Next day Ben was off life support and breathing quite fine on his own.  Next day out of ICU and recouping is strength in order to get himself home.  Our cells/bodies listen and perform according to what our thoughts/emotions tell them to.  Despite Bens miracle, his mind and thoughts said, “Oh no, this can’t be.  It doesn’t make sense,” and his body went into a physical spasm that almost ended his life.  Through the faith and perseverance of his wife and the healing grace of the angelic realm, the second miraculous healing took place and restored Ben back to a space of gratitude and peace.  


Gabrielle’s Testimonial

Dearest Mary~

  I have never felt the Power that You helped me recieve before My Healing session.  I Have been told I have Cervical Cancer, I am only 28 yrs. old, I am married to a kind Peacefull man named Joseph, I have two Daughters Trinity just 7yrs. and Naudia 6yrs. old.

I have struggled with small little health issues for the last few years,not really understanding why.   

When you had me lay down outside and start to breath with you I felt God there with me, I was laying on my Horses hay pile he was eating, I instantly felt tingling throughout my Body, then a Beautiful Woman with Really long Orange hair started scrubbing my entire body, she finished with my head and her hair was blowing in the wind, she kept throwing her hands away from me as if to be removing something, next on my right, a very healthy Baby boy was raised up with two hands, he was bright and perfect.  I layed there for some time, my Horse woke me by blowing hot breath on my face, then he pushed me hard on the shoulder as if to tell me, "Get Up", it was then that I sat up to realize my Old childhood dog that is 15 Yrs. was flat on top of me as well, I had no Knowledge he was there, for he is a large Black Lab.  I then stood and I knew....this will not take the Life that our Father in Heaven has givin me, my Cancer is a Mirror Image of my soul.  I need so very much Forgiveness, I have lived in Darknesss far too long,  I no longer need nor do I want to live this way any longer. I thank God for leading me to Mary, through her I have been allowed to look at myself in a deep Peacefull way, I have alot of work to do, yet I already feel much clearer. I am to hear from the Doctors in Five days, then I will know if the Cancer is gone or if I have t have more removed.  I know in my Heart My Cancer is gone.  Please keep me in Your Prayers and be with me if you are able.  I want to Live in Light, I want to live in Peace, I know this is possible through God Almighty.  God Bless You and Keep You always~ Always Gabrielle  Portland, Oregon


Dearest Mary,

I thank my guides every day for putting you in my life, because your guidance has propelled me on my path at a rate of speed that would have taken much longer without your knowledge, wisdom and supreme devotion to God.  Your workshops have opened my eyes and my soul.  Your healings have brought me clarity and tranquility and joy!  You are a supreme lightworker with God’s Love and Light spreading peace and hope and joy through all you do.  You have helped me to push myself, have confidence in my abilities and to become strong and empowered both physically and mentally.  My body, which houses my spirit, thanks you for getting the tight, stiff muscles and tendons and joints free!!  Thanks for everything.

Love and peace always.  Joan C., Half Moon Bay, CA


Hi Mary! 

Basically I experienced nerve injuries while in war in Nam by a mortar (tube with a bomb in it) in the 1970s and have had nerve pain for years until I had a healing session... my leg raised during the session, from the hip up, there was no discomfort but soon after my nerve pain has stopped all together.  I am very grateful for this treatment -- it really is remarkable. 


Howard H. – San Carlos, CA 





Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me. I am so glad I found you! Thank you for being such a steady, consistent example of love.

I'm minus a nipple and some skin, but counting my blessings. I got out early, as well. I hurt, of course, but I am so happy about the pathology report that it is minuscule.
Thank you SO much for all your love and support! 
  I am, I am, I am. And this makes it even more possible to ditch the chemotherapy.

Thank you so much! I used your grounding technique every time the fear came up (many times!) and it was wonderfully effective.

There are no words to tell you how grateful I am to you!
Carla, Redwood City, CA


Hi Mary,
Thank you for arranging such a special gathering on Saturday. I can't begin to tell you how incredible the awareness and beauty of the deep, special feelings I've experienced with this amazing group of blessed Spirits.

You have become such an inspirational source of love and healing for me personally. I have experienced some of the most powerful and loving Angels, or Spirits, that have allowed me to see the journey I have been on. Many things are finally making sense and offering me the power to feel and see where I am to be.

Your workshops are so powerful and full of light and inspiration. It is an honor to be around you and the beautiful people I have met in your home. Even my friend, the beautiful dog. What a Spirit he is!

Love, Kathy E. 


Mary is an amazing teacher, gifted healer and a beautiful example of heart centered consciousness.  She holds such a loving, powerful space for her students and clients that miracles abound.  Just being in Mary’s presence is a healing and sacred experience. You really feel the love of the Divine emanating from Mary's radiance.  If Mary offers a workshop, class – I urge you to go.  You body, mind, and spirit will be so glad you did! 

Ingrid- Redwood City, CA 


Hi Mary,

This was a most amazing day for me, an extra ordinary day indeed!

I so much appreciate your guidance in the meditations today that let me to become a (more) conscious part of the spirit world and the “Moses Family” .


SO today after lunch when you did the mediation it started.. It started with a buzzing in my head.. it spun , the energy in a left circle, I felt light headed, yet not really.. not dizzy like a spinning on a carousel but the energy twirled and then I heard “I am Moses, we are Moses”. The energy kept going bobbing my head and starting to rotate around my upper spine.. I was not sure if I should stop it.. decided to let it go.. I heard your words here and there, but could not follow to hear all of it.. I remember “trust”, ;love” (my intention today was to ‘work on self love’ by the wayJ when you stated that it was amazing.. then I won the prize, which I intended as well ( I indented for the CDsJ.. but was very happy and trusted the book was right for me.


Then I was surprised that we were not “done” yet.. the second meditation.. again the same things.. saw the center of my head (there is an oval like shaped things spinning).. saw some people, especially though my children and there joyous ways, dance, signing, laughter) again bobbing my head and spine rotations. Saw red often in various shades, A tulip opening, red/pink colors around my heart chakra.. my grounding was like a baroque skirt, wide and beautifully laced out of tiny roots then an orange trunk like pole to the center of the earth.


All this time “We are Moses, we are here”.. I felt like my eyes would pop out when I caught your eyes.. in a way asking for help but could not verbalize it.. but then I was fine.

Then the healings were amazing.. not sure what my hands did and why they moved and seemed to dig and remove things.. wiped and pulled things out of the 3 bodies of Fred, Sandra and Rosie, it seems.. My hands worked around Fred’s head a lot, Around Sandra’s chest and Rosie’s upper Auras.. then the toning, really 3 distinct frequenceis.. .. what came out today was a surprise to me.

I will continue to call Moses back and I hope they will come againJI am so delighted that they chose to speak to me today! Well ecstaticJ 

Thank you for your guidance and love. You are very special and by the way a great speaker!! You speak truth and love. You don’t have to sing and dance :-0 I am sure you could even do that!

Love to you and a special hug to Fred and doggie angel! lHugs.Manu 


Dear Mary,
today for the first time, my critical, sceptical, distrusful mind gave in to your energy and I could connect to people I never met before. The last time I at least became aware of my sceptical mind, and I could see and feel it fighting my emotional and spiritual true being. I am so thankful for your presence and healing and to all those other people who came to join in.
Sometimes I pictured them in their 'old' skin, trapped into their stiff concepts which they had learned, each one a different one, in order to fit in. And then, during healing, they cracked through the shell, stepped out of it, started to erect their postures, grew a little into their true size. This picture helped me too, to leave the cage, where I was put in during early childhood, (literally) and become the child again, I and we once were, full of life and joy, running, jumping, laughing, happily, enjoying the communion with nature and life, which once seemed to interfere with the deadly atmosphere in my parents house (after the war... and from the war and because of the war...). It is still more of a inner picture, but I am on my way to unfold it and express it. Thank you again, I just wanted to share this with you.
Have a great summer
See you again



Thank you. You made a miracle. There is no way we can ever repay you. Your healing gift and kindness gave us the hope that had been stripped from us. Today Sophia is back in school, eating any food she desires and has matured so much. The doctors continue to be amazed!...Lemlem C. San Francisco, Ca (mother of 9 year old leukemia patient)


            Wow, my mom is so much better. Attitude, coloring, mobility, appetite, water intake J  yeah! God bless you for opening yourself up to sharing this beautiful energy to all of us! Love, Sandra V, Pacifica, Ca


What a blessed event. Much healing took place for all in attendance. After two days of walking around in a kind of a daze, I woke up this morning with a wonderful feeling of release…..Linda M, Redwood Shores, Ca


Today I feel a lot more movement in my back and lower abdomen. I was so stiff for the past two days and it was gone when our session ended. It’s truly amazing. I actually have a bounce in my step. Chrysann R. Half Moon Bay, Ca 


God is great. A couple days after Peter’s healing I asked him how his hand was (due to severe arthritis over the years, his hand had become frozen, painful and unable to close). We looked down and realized that he had complete mobility. A complete healing had taken place. Cheri G, Redwood City, Ca


Thanks for everything.(Kyphosis of the spine)….afterwards I felt good and felt an ease in my ability to hold myself straighter….my upper spine continued to adjust for the next few days. My curvature is noticeably diminished and I am looking forward to a completely straight spine in the not too distant future. I am most grateful for your healing gifts and your generosity of Spirit that inspires you to serve in such a beautiful, humble way. Love, Mary B. San Carlos, Ca


… I have met with Mary several times and plan to continue meeting with her for always. She brings peace and healing to me. She has helped with specific problems – arthritic knees and painful left shoulder and has helped with general well being. Susan Hogan, M.D. , Vacaville, Ca


Thank you. I am still amazed at what I experienced that day. Since then, I definitely feel a healing in my spirit. My eating disorder, I believe, is gone. It feels better in the area that was feeling pain for so long. This to me is a miracle in itself and something that I can only be so thankful that it left my body. For something that had been there for over 11 years. Jaretta   


I wanted to let you know that it is now 4 months since I experienced my energy session with you.  My chronic back pain was relieved immediately after that session and I am still relatively pain free.  As a 19 year old pre-nursing student, it was fascinating to experience first hand that there are many ways a body can be healed. 


Lyndsey C.

Bend, OR

Thank you so much for writing to me! And I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to you for your message. I have been meaning to be in contact, because I have been thinking of you and the shift that I have been feeling in my life and attitude. The fact that I didn't sit down and get in touch just shows how much more inner work I have to do, because my awareness is that my busy-ness and spread-thin-ness is still dictating my actions more than I'd like. Sigh; baby steps. I can only say that I am awakening each morning and moving through my days with a much lighter step and feeling much gratitude towards the universe. The chaos and tension swirling around me is not dragging me down like it was; it's still there, but I'm now more able to detach from it while still feeling empathy. I attribute this progress to my session with you.

Thank you for being there and for being a support for me while I am attempting realize my possibilities.

Gail M., Santa Cruz, CA

I want to let you know that the Light has come to my life. Thanks to you and your encouragement. Yesterday the great feeling of accomplishment took me for the entire day. My beautiful young couple clients of mine, from 6 years ago, got their offer ratified. They were thrilled and so was I. The closing date is schedule for September 12th, and I know in my heart that it will close. We have loan and appraisal contingencies to be removed by Friday. Would you say a prayer for us? I will talk with you soon

Clebia D., San Francisco, CA

I met Mary Velez in a spiritual two week Bali retreat facilitated by David Patton and Reba Vanderpool in February 2008.  I was immediately impressed with Mary's clarity, presence, and warmth.  At one point in the retreat, we had an option to visit a renown local tribal healer who used a crooked little stick that he would push and probe your toes and test for strength/weakness of your overall systems (physical, emotional, and mental).  As a rule, everyone experienced some form of discomfort, myself included. Mary was one of the only members in our group who was told by the healer she had no imbalances.  Having had the experience myself, I found this to be very impressive.
I knew Mary was a physical trainer and then I later heard she also channeled healings.  A couple of months ago, my brother, sister-in-law, and I went to her office in Half Moon Bay and we all received private healings.  Speaking for myself, I had more insight about my body and trust issues.  I have had energy work done before and knew she was truly channeling in energies so I referred a very ill friend, Marialyce, who had advanced metastatic breast cancer mainly to get some pain relief and spiritual support I know that healing come in all forms and that while you may not specifically cure the illness, you can still heal the person to where they feel more whole, loved, and at peace.  This is what happened to Marialyce.  After a session with Mary, she had more strength and improved pain control After Mary started working with her, I noticed other differences. Marialyce was no longer in fear and denial about her dying.  She  was more present, open and conscious about both her living and her transitioning. One of the amazing miracles for Marialyce is that Mary continues to visit her at her home while is now on Hospice, pro bono.  Mary has offered to be present with Marialyce when she makes her physical transition, if it is meant to be.  In a sense, Mary has become one of her most trusted spiritual advisors. Just being in Mary's presence brings in a more peaceful, compassionate loving awareness of who we are and what we are.  I truly believe that Mary is a gifted Lightworker that channels higher healing frequencies for people's well being and is bringing in more light to the planet at large. Let your beautiful light shine on Mary and Namaste!

Ingrid F., Palo Alto, CA

Thank you so much for yesterday's healing. It was wonderful indeed. I was still rushing about trying to get home for the first half hour, but settled into some lovely OM chanting with Sadhbh and my husband Seth for the second half hour. My hands were burning. Sadhbh directed them to her neck and mouth. Also to my own neck.
It was very special. hope all is good with you. ( I hear through the grapevine that beautiful things are unfolding for you... ) Sadhbh has changed so much from that day in Mary's room.

Dawn O., Ireland

Mary has taught me to commit myself to God’ light with unwaveringly boldness.  Trust and faith in God brings undefined ecstasy as you open your soul to new-found dimensions. We are God’s children loved so intimately.  Mary’s life is dedicated toward encouraging us to live a life with God. Through the guidance of Mary my life has been altered.  Being with Father, his Son and  Holy Spirit continuously has lifted me to observe the incredible love God has for each of us. Bury his love deep in your breast.

Julia S., Michigan

 I have seen Mary several times for emotional balancing and stress reduction and have always come away uplifted and in a complete state of peace. Anyone who is looking for mental relief, look no further, Mary is able to change your energy field, leaving you in a state of utter grace and contentment. 

Kathleen Vallejo, massage therapist, Pacifica, CA

Dear Mary
I'm writing in regards to the healing you did on my
shoulder, I am so excited, I wanted to send this to you so that you could share
this testimony to others...
I tore my rotater cuff in boot camp about 8 months ago
and had to quit my workouts for several months to let my shoulder heal.
When I resumed my workouts the pain was back immediately,
I did every thing I was told by all the experts to aid in the healing but still could
not do even a single push up after several months.
On Monday during my training session with you, watching
me struggle to do the lightest weights you decided to
do a healing on me, I have to tell you I am usually a
bit of a skeptic but WOW !!
 I am amazed Mary, thank you, thank you,
My shoulder hasn't felt this good since before my injury.

You are truly a godsend, Much Love to you

~Sybil~ San Mateo, CA

I just woke up 7:53 PM , so that was just a great experience
I put my Celtic meditation music on loop and I did what you said as I sat in the comfortable chair
after you left the phone I just went on a journey , I was just sitting there in the dark eyes closed and felt like I was in motion
moving very fast and at a very high speed , then out of nowhere I was laying on the grass at the house where I grew up and looking up to the blue sky I could see the trees rustling in the breezy weather as if they were bordering around a picture , like you are laying on you back looking straight up , It was just a beautiful sight and the feeling was of very secure content innocence of a child's memory, as soon as i really felt this all the way it was gone and I was in motion again , a little while later i saw beautiful clouds and a large field did not recognize it buy I felt very at home here, then back to motion and darkness with motion behind and in twined in the darkness as if I was passing over many live action scenes or scenery and moving to fast to make any of it out , then I was walking into a room and my mother was there I felt her love , unmistakable her love the only love I have ever felt like that could not really see her just felt her , then that was gone and motion again I then felt someone putting their hands on my eyes over my eyes like Jesus helping the blind to see . I felt something around me like four or five hands reaching over you if you were laying on your back and they were standing over you and picking you up from your mid section by sliding their hands under both sides of you and lifting, this all went on for about 30 minutes then something told me to lay down so I kept the music on and lay down and I just woke up but I felt various relaxing sensations as I lay there.

Thank you so much this was truly a beautiful experience feel free to call if you want,
thank you for you love and care

Dennis S., Arizona

First, I want you to know how much better that I am, since being with you and having the very intense session with you.  It is a blessing and I am still processing and am, while processing, feeling so grateful to you for giving me so much love and light.  It is now and continues to be a blessing.  I definitely want to continue to work with you.  I hope that there is a way to arrange it.  There is no way for me to pay you the money that you truly deserve for the work you do.  It is priceless, but I know, in this world, that is a concept, but not practical.   I need to pay to continue the work that has been started.  Please let me know, how to work this out with you. 

Love, Linda W., Half Moon Bay, CA

Thank you so so much for being there for me today! I can't thank you enough - from the bottom of my heart.
I just have to keep remembering that spirit is more powerful than circumstances - that circumstances our only a reflection of our connection. All is well. This is a good opportunity for me to release old beliefs- and the delusion of fear and know that only God's perfection reigns in and through us - the rest is false chatter.
I'm feeling better and better.
All my love and appreciation to you,

Alex,San Francisco, CA

Dear Mary!

Thank you and all the energetic support!!!!
I tell you now what I felt...
I have felt energy moving in my body all the time. I saw light. Huge energy in my hands, towards the end my body felt hot or warm also my hands. I felt some physical pain in my heart a few times also in my head. I felt pressure in my forehead (or third eye). There was a funny feeling as something pulled my head to the left...I felt very big as if I really am huge. In the end then my head fell back as if I was sleepy or sleeping and felt happy and peaceful.
Sometimes my thoughts went wandering but immediately tried to put my attention back to the heart.
Now I can still feel mostly my forehead and I am a bit lightheaded but very peaceful.
What did you feel ?
 And now I have a big dejavu'
You are soooo nice and warm Mary thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!

There was soo much love,

Enel S., Etonia, Europe

 I wanted you all to know that as of last week the doctors told me I was in remission for the first time since 2004
on all the cancers including the leukemia ...whooppeee!!!! I wanted to thank you for your prayers and love, I really believe
with the help of divine intervention that all of your well wishes and prayers and postulates put me here and for this you have all
my love ..

Dennis S., Arizona

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time last Saturday!!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I came to see you. The only thing I was focused on was my stomach getting better but ended up getting so much more out of it than I could have possibly hoped for. I had an inner peace which I have not had for years! My mom noticed it right away. I also ended up making peace with something that was bothering me for the last five years. It is a long story but I want to fill you in the next time I see you! My stomach was doing great and I was able to eat a couple of foods that I haven't had since last year.

I want to say THANKS again for giving me peace that I never thought I would have again.
I very much appreciate it

Thanks again,

Katy S., Belmont, CA

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